AGIP’s Backyard

Niger Delta Pollution

Niger Delta Pollution

This is the environment behind one of the biggest crude oil companies in Nigeria – AGIP.

I did support the fight of the Niger Delta militants until they were paid off and forgot why they took up arms in the first place.




Today, is the only today in an entire year where I can say, “The only thing we have achieved as a Nation is FREEDOM from British administration(the reason why I spell honor as honour). Nothing else. Zero. Naught. Nada.”

There is poverty, there are bad roads, no infrastructure, internet service is expensive and slow, there are so many problems.

My dear government is this what you envisioned for your people? The rich get richer and the poor, poorer? A nation where getting a VISA to another country is a prayer point in church that we have to fast and pray for? I urge you to take a step towards change. Let the youths, the leaders of tomorrow, be the change we seek. Please, your people are suffering.

So yeah, we do have some good things which I would love to share about my country.

We have beautiful women, e.g, moi

bride dancing

A woman of the Edo tribe beautifully dressed in traditional jewelry

Idanre Hills. Yes, we have something like this.

We have beaches and not all children are suffering from kwashiorkor.

kainji dam, don’t know why I put it here but it was always an important part of social studies in Primary school.

Yes, we have carnivals.

This is the Abuja Carnival

City of Kano

Most popular street food is suya. Its beef roasted and seasoned with Nigerian spices.

Suya or Barbequed beef.

made with melon seeds and vegetables, its called Egusi soup. Delicious!

Egusi soup

Nigerians are mostly non-vegetarians.

Being Nigerian is not an easy task. There is a stereotype people create in their head when you say “I’m Nigerian”. Nevertheless, I’m Proudly Nigerian, and believe me the good ones are still out there.

God Bless our great Nation.


pictures are not mine.


I was in an auto rickshaw going somewhere and couldn’t help but take a photo of this guy.

Its human nature to know that when a person rests his chin on his hand, it signifies stress, fatigue or as I put “whatever  wants to happen should happen”. I feel this way almost all the time. I guess feeling homesick has something to do with it.


This is a picture of a man pedaling a his tricycle towards a Hare Krishna temple.

When you’re a tourist and you visit a temple in India, its enchanting, you know, you have a “ohhhh I’m in a place of worship, a place sacred to this people” – kind-of feeling.

That’s not the same as when you live right next to the temple and they chant

hare krishna, hare krishna; krishna krishna, hare hare”

all through the day, so that even when they don’t at night, you can still hear it ringing in your head. Whenever a festival draws near, you get sad. Whenever you have exams the next day, and have to do an all-nighter, that’s when they celebrate the birth of Krishna.

I’m happy to have the opportunity to experience something like this, but sometimes, I just wish it didn’t have to happen every time.

p.s: The Akshay Patra Foundation helps feed children across Rajasthan. Every morning, even before the rising of the sun, young men are dispatched in vans to take food and supplies to children across the state. I don’t how they get rewarded.


I was struggling to take this “scenic view” of a street….


When something on the left caught my eye…

This picture of the national Clinic is not my best, I took it while I was literally trying to run away from these kids who wanted a “photo”(Indian accent implied)…

In my defense, I told them the one I had taken already was beautiful enough.

p.s: did you notice the mountains in the first picture? Don’t fret tomorrow is Friday!