Ebola: Schools Resume in October – Housewives are not Happy

I have this neighbour who has 4 children, an always at work husband and no maid. As you can imagine she is on the verge of losing her mind with all these children to take care of.

Side note: She is an extreme housewife – she cooks, handles the children and her man. Tries her best to make sure the house is clean (most times). She goes out to buy fuel for the generator, refill the gas cylinder for the house and picks the children from school all with public transport while her husband drives to work in the morning and gets back in the evening to eat, fall asleep and run away the next morning. WHO KNEW MEN WERE SO HARDWORKING? Just saying.

Back to my interesting story, when school is in session she’ll drop the kids off at the bus stand and just before she steps into the house with the little baby on her back she’ll scream “Finally” to the hearing of everybody in the compound. I said scream not “sigh.”

So when the President gave the order that the resumption date of schools be postponed to October she wasn’t too happy about it. She had already started a countdown to the date of school resumption for her bundles of errrr joy.





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