In the Twinkle of an Eye

Wow! Life is truly amazing.

A few hours ago, I experienced the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. My dad said he had never seen such a thing in his 50 plus years on earth.

This is what happened…

My dad and I went to pick up my sisters who are in boarding school (we live in Port Harcourt but their school is in Owerri). When we got to the school, we were delayed unnecessarily by some bad beles.

Honestly, I felt very uneasy while at the school because I wanted us to be done and hit the road before night fall. Besides, my dad the driver wasn’t feeling too well. This uneasy feeling was very unlike me because I love travelling. Like a lot. Anything to make me go home later than expected is always welcomed. I just wasn’t feeling this trip.

When we finally left, we had a goal to reach the Rivers/Imo state boarder before it got dark. We achieved this goal, the trip back home was going smooth. We talked about things my sisters had been taught for the term. Like how dying your hair was a sin and so on. By now, it was dark.

We were journeying the journey quite well. A mitsubishi bus carrying passengers overtook us and my dad was about to start telling us tales of his younger days and his expert driving skills. “I no longer driver these days, I’ve chan….” and BAM! A saloon car just appeared in the middle of the road.

On the highway, at night, and a car appears in the middle of the road out of nowhere.

The bus driver, on high speed tried to dodge the car and swayed into the bush. We were next because we had been right behind the bus. My dad dodged this seemingly drunk guy without any stress. It was a little too easy. My sleeping sister woke up because I was screaming loud while everything was happening.

The bus guy who swayed into the bush, tried to get back on the coal tar and that was where the whole thing took a left turn. I think because he was too scared, he never remembered to take his feet off the throttle and brake slowly because the bus somersaulted like 3 times. It happened right in front of my eyes, like a movie.

After the bus came to a stop, it was upside down. My dad decided to park the car and see if we could help out. The driver rushed out of the bus, he survived. A woman and her 2 little beautiful daughters came out, other people managed to come out of the vehicle and everybody was in shock.

My dad rushed towards the upside down bus and found out a man was trapped under the vehicle. The whole weight of the bus was on this guy. He couldn’t speak. My dad screamed and called for help. People soon came together and we raised the bus.

The guy was dead.

Right in front of my eyes.

My dad called me immediately, trying to protect me from what we just saw. We got into our car and left.

This is Nigeria, there is no ambulance to take you to a hospital. There’s no 911 to call.

As we drove off, the whole thing began to play in my mind over and over and over. It started to sink in.

We would have been the ones in front of the bus. We escaped the accident so easily. It was like God carried us as eggs and placed us in a safe position on the road.

The man who died was dressed in business casual so you would know he was someone who looked like he had a future.

My dad kept thinking about the family aspect of the man’s life. What would they tell his wife? What if he had 4 young children? How would the wife take the news? What will she do? This is Christmas!

I kept thinking about the non-family aspect of his life. Maybe he had an appointment for millions of Naira tomorrow. Maybe everything he had spent his entire life doing was going to materialise tomorrow morning, all his dreams, aspirations, wealth…

EVERYTHING was gone in a somersault that took seconds!

I feel awful.

Not sure I can sleep tonight.

I’m Christian and every time I wake up, I pray. When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t pray, I just said Thank you Lord for today, thank you Lord for waking up, thank you Lord… and that was all.

When we got home, I started watching a live broadcast of christmas carols on TV. Smiling faces, happy people, celebrating christmas.

Somewhere else, a mother is crying for the loss of her son, a wife is weeping for the loss of her husband and children are mourning the death of their father.

I feel like I wasn’t better than that hard working man who was just trying to make ends meet. Here I am, a lazy, lazy, lazy bum. Alive.

We should appreciate life more.

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2 thoughts on “In the Twinkle of an Eye

  1. Talk about a hook; it got the professor here! Yes, stuff like this does happen you hear about it, but like you said it’s different when it’s right in front of your own eyes. It is a reminder of how vulnerable we all are and that life is precious and not a guarantee for any of us from one day to the next. Thought provoking isn’t it? Sounds like you have a great dad!

    • It is very thought provoking. Things like this make you measure what’s important and what isn’t. I don’t think its an experience I’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

      Thanks for visiting the blog professor. 🙂

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