Nigeria at 53

Last year, when Nigeria celebrated her Independence. I did a sweet post about how we should be considered as a country blessed with good things and good people. I tried to paint a picture of something different unlike what Africa is portrayed as in the media – starving children, famine and poverty.

This time around, I’m going to be more realistic of what is happening in this blessed country of mine.

Nigeria got her independence from Britain in 1960 and since then, every thing has gone downhill. It has been so bad that even the reputation of each individual in the country is questionable by non-Nigerians.

Corruption is one of the basic problems of this nation. The mind set of corruption is not going to change in my generation because it has already been instilled in us that for us to succeed, we have to cheat. We have to lie. We have to eat alone and also reserve some for our great grand children who are unborn.

If you ask us to change, we will ask you, “Why do I have to be the one to change something our fathers have been doing even before the foundations of a Nigeria were laid?”

In other words, our tradition of corruption should remain as it is and one day CHANGE will fall from heaven and make a difference in the lives of our people.

What a mindset!

Corruption is everywhere.

In religious houses, where you have to pay money for you to be prayed for by your pastor.

In the educational system, where lecturers demand for sex as a criteria for students to excel in exams or extort money from students through the selling of their authored books. Books which they [the lecturers] copy everything from google and just send to a printing press.

The fact that Nigerian students have been sitting at home for more than 90 days due to an ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is a shame.

Nigeria, my beloved country, I tell you today with all sincerity in my heart that the ongoing ASUU strike is a very big shame to our nation. These people who are also organising strikes and making students spend more time than necessary in university, God is watching all of you. Amen.

Corruption is there in the banking sector, in the market place. It is everywhere.

For those people in Abuja, riding big cars, travelling for holidays all over the world while undergraduates are bus drivers struggling under the Nigerian sun, don’t think I forgot you. God is watching you in 3D. Make ona try o. Try well well.

As always, corruption goes hand in hand with bribery.

Nigerian government officials believe that they cannot SURVIVE without accepting bribes. My people, we need to change.

Police officers, please stop the bribery. Stop the extortion. We are barely surviving with what we have, why collect it from us by force?

Do your job of protecting the lives and properties of your citizens.

Government, please pay them well and and also pay them on time so that they don’t need bribes.

Bribery and Corruption is the basic problem I have with this country.

Lack of Basic amenities such as electricity, good roads, hospitals, clean water and good governance are of so much importance, we shouldn’t even tell you (government) that you need to provide them.

Let’s try to tackle these issues one after the other.

God Bless our country! God Bless Nigeria at 53!


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