Trip to Bayelsa

Recently, I had to go to Bayelsa state because an “occasion” demanded that I had to. Nigerians like the word “occasion” the same way Indians like to say the word “enjoy”. If you’ve met an Indian who hasn’t said the phrase -“let’s enjoy”, then you should question his authenticity, generally speaking.

The occasion was for a man who organises scholarships for students of the state’s origin who are underprivileged, yeah, he’s a good man.

My job was to help with the food preparation, as it always is. :-s That explains the big pot of boiling jollof rice. I did more of an assisting role, my aunt did the cooking.


Notice How Green everywhere is? I don’t miss the desserts of Rajathan

After the “occasion”, I also had the chance to see my grandma because she lives here.

On the way we found a  a lake. I asked the warriors to strike a pose and off we went.

Also used the opportunity to see Goodluck Jonathan’s (the Nigerian President’s) house. He owns a mansion in the village before the one where grandma stays, then my dad said “Na so dem go take finish Nigeria money” and we drove off.

Got to grandma’s house, as usual, she was gossiping with friends. She said something about me getting married soon, I smiled at her for saying something so silly. All her friends said things to each other in the Ogbia dialect which I know was about me, because my name popped up in their gossip every then and again. It was a “smile and nod” affair for me.

She lives in front of that river – the last photo.

Anyhoo, it was a fun trip.


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