I’m Home!!!

Yup! I’m back in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I’m having mixed feelings about the place but it’ll be fine soon.

Being back is bittersweet. So, I’m gonna do a list of the bitter (cons) and sweets (pros) of coming back.


* I’m growing fat.
* The number of people who have died since I left, is just overwhelming – family friends, neighbours, relatives, everyone has lost a person I knew 4 years ago. 😦
* The cost of having an internet connection is too damn high. 3GB is about N2500. That’s like Rs833.

Internet is Expensive

Internet is Expensive

* Its really difficult to buy things because I keep converting the price to Rupees then back to Naira and make comparisons in my head.
*My dad has the solution to more than half of Nigeria’s political problems. How is this a con? I get to listen and nod in agreement, EVERY SINGLE TIME, because his arguments make sense. :s
*My dish/plate washing and pot scrubbing duties have been re instituted and I have been given full entitlements to anything pertaining to the kitchen, such as cleaning and occasionally cooking . What can I say? Life is pretty awesome.*shrugging my shoulders*
*I have 5 and 9 year old sisters – this means everything I own is theirs.
*I almost forgot the lack of electricity. How funny of me, because the lack of electricity issue is no joke, which leads to the next point.
*Use of noisy generators which make it practically impossible to sleep at night.

Everybody, I mean every single body own one of these

Everybody, I mean every single body own one of these

*I miss Dal Makhani, butter roti and pickles.

*ALL Bills are on my dad. This probably, is the best thing about everything.
*The washing machine – I missed it so much. It’s the little things 🙂
*The food. The food is just amazing. I’ll do a post specifically for the food I’ve had since I came back.
*The highest temperature so far is 28 degrees celsius. Take that North India! Its been cool all through.

PH city weather

PH city weather


Our street was flooded with water

*I get to see my family again 🙂

*No more stares in public, so I’m more comfortable leaving the house.
*Its easier to get my braids done (not an important point for guys, I know).

Did my braids the same day I got home

Did my braids the same day I got home

* The food again, just because its absolutely amazing. I won’t lie.
*I get to see old friends and compare how tall we’ve grown and also occasionally compare boob size.
*Lastly, I met a friend I haven’t seen in 10 whole years. The weird part is she still looks exactly the same except more feminine if you know what I mean.


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    • “…yes? Awesome.” That’s really funny. I’ve been thinking all day, whats gonna be a suitable reply for your comment but honestly, I’ve got nothing so I’ll just 🙂

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