A Thing About Me

There are some things that happen in my life that I just do not understand.

I’ve only had a graduation ceremony once in my entire life – when I graduated from nursery school to primary.

I never got to wear the gown when I graduated from primary to secondary school because I skipped two classes.

And then I also never got a secondary school graduation because I skipped a class and got into university.

All thanks go to my mum for pressuring my teachers to let me jump into the next class and telling them I could do it.

Yesterday, I had my convocation, there’s no skipping a class so definitely, I would graduate, was what I thought.

I got to the ceremony just as soon as it ended.


Frankly, I wasn’t really enthusiastic about it. Maybe its because I’ve never had one.

I went there, got the gown, took my certificate of completion, took some pictures with the people who made the whole journey worthwhile, went home, laid on my bed, had a chat with a friend and slept off.

I thought about drowning myself in a bucket of KFC chicken – which would’ve been glorious, but I just couldn’t.

So, yeah, that was how the day went down.

I did everything like a female BOSS. 🙂


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