I did it. Regret it? No, not really.

I have always longed to be in the entertainment business, you know, become a model or an actress, give dramatic performances that people would remember for years to come, that sort of thing. For now, that dream is a dream and the only way I satisfy my hunger for this dream is by watching award shows. I don’t know if you know this but right now its the awards season- the Oscars, Brits Awards, the Golden Globes, etc.

I was on my own, not looking for any trouble, just trying to enjoy the Brits Awards on VH1 when I started to hear laughter in front of my door. It was none of my business what the laughter was about, I just wanted to watch this show (my parlour is close to the door/entrance to my apartment) and go to bed early because there’s school tomorrow morning. It was a group of Indian semi-adults(they are still in university) as I later found out.

I heard my door bell ring and then all of a sudden there were footsteps of people running away.

oh no they did not just ring the bell and flee!

This is not the first time they’ve done this “ring-the-bell-and-run” thing. I thought “oh well, they’re just having fun, forget about it“, which I did. After sometime, they did again, this time it wasn’t funny because I am really trying to watch this show and this doorbell is really loud.

Out of no where, the idea of doing something to the person who rings the bell again popped into my head, it would’ve been anything- talking to the dude about how he’s disturbing my peace, yelling at him for the same reason or just completely ignoring the bell. I had already complained to my landlord about these kind of issues and since he’s not always around to scold them, they still bug me from time to time. Tonight, it was just bad timing for this group.

So, I went to my kitchen, took out my kitchen broom, everyone should know that kitchen brooms are a very filthy thing, at least mine is. I took a chair, sat down by the door, right hand raised above my head holding the broom, left hand on the door handle, right eye peeping through the key hole, both ears on Emeli Sande’s sweet voice on TV. I waited for 10mins and there was no action. The guys would tease me without knowing what they were doing. They would come close to the doorbell, say something in Hindi and just kept on talking. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. I told myself,

Sira, the patient dog gets the fattest bone”.

Finally, while I was peeping through the keyhole, one of the guys held up his thumb close to the doorbell, as if to tell his friends “I can do it, don’t dare me”. I didn’t wait for him to ring it, because then they would flee faster. His finger was about to touch the bell, then out of nowhere a crazy black woman wielding an Indian broom, whipped some Indian dudes. Oh my God! I couldn’t believe what I just did. I threatened to call the police and said all those other things an angry person would say. They said they were sorry and I banged the door like a boss.

OMG! what have I turned into? Would I become the angry wife who beats her husband up? Would I be the angry mum who locks up her daughter for visiting friends? Would I be the wicked head teacher? OMG! OMG! What if those boys retaliated? What if I hurt one of them? What if?

Anyhoo, they didn’t ring the bell any longer, and I was able to watch my show in peace and quiet.

I also want to say sorry to those guys, if you ever read this. I’m actually a kind person(although my kindness depends on what you’re borrowing), I’m also friendly, I love India and I have so so many good qualities. Please don’t hate the Nigerian chick next door.  Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “I did it. Regret it? No, not really.

  1. After seeing the name Sira, then i remembered you were my sister…lol
    And i don’t think you would be an angry mum, at-least I know our sisters aren’t like that, you reacted the way you were supposed to…..cos Indians …!

  2. m just like ,,, OMG is ths d same person tht i know, too many thngs to say bt dnt knw from whr to start cos i might end up addin up an othr story,,,lol anyways u realy made my night, i went trgh all the stories, loved them nd m kinda inspire by ths … as a fllw frnd n sister i must say m really proud of u , keep up

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