The Difference…

So the difference I mean is this…

An American would still put a metal plate into a microwave oven that clearly states “DO NOT USE METALS” just to see what happens.

A Nigerian would not put a metal plate in a microwave oven simply because it says “DO NOT USE METALS”.

Why are Nigerians this way?  We simply are not sure of what would happen – would it get broken/destroyed/damaged? Would I get a shock? If it gets broken, the beating I shall receive from mum, is it worth it? If the answer is “NO”, then there’s no need to risk it.

Americans on the other hand, would think like this –  Who do they think they are telling me not to put whatever type of plate I like in a microwave that I bought with my hard earned money? I just have to know why I can’t.

The curious American will be informed and in turn prate about his metal plate and microwave adventure.

The wise Nigerian only knows not to put it because the Chinese label has said so. He doesn’t care to know why.

In your opinion which is better? To be humble, follow rules and stay safe or to be curious?

Since I started this blog, there’s one thing I’ve had a problem with and that is having good titles for my posts. If you have any tip and/or suggestion that can help, I would appreciate it.

If you also notice, I use the word “simply” a bit more than necessary, what to say? Indian English is getting the better of me.


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