Cashewy Experience

Pardon me if the title of this post sounds weird or just plain stupid but I had absolutely no idea of what it should be called.

Well, I’m gonna start by saying every body loves cheap things. My father is not the president of an African nation, so whenever I get a good deal I just dive in.

How much is it?


I’ll give you Rs10

Ok, koi batne, no problem yaar, you are my customer

Achaa, dhanivaad(thank you).

That’s just how I roll. I’m from Nigeria, the art of haggling is passed down from mother to daughter, so I haggle over anything before I buy it, if not for the price stamps on provisions in the supermarket, I know I would’ve haggled over the price of that packet of tide detergent.

Now, back to the main point, I saw this pack of “cashew nuts” at a friends place…

Pack of Cashew nuts

Pack of Cashew nuts, supposedly

Now, without thinking twice I screamed, “cashew nuts!”. I got really excited, it looked like a big pack, with lots of cashews in it, so I asked my friend if I could have some. He said I could have all of it if I wanted to, that he didn’t like the way it tasted. I asked him if it was the masala, he said it wasn’t the masala, it was just something else. I told him I didn’t care and I wanted it. So he gave me the full pack on one condition, I could only open it when I get home. I didn’t care, I would have a full pack(400grams) of cashew nuts all to my self. Yes, I can get a little bit selfish with yummy goodies.

I got home, opened the pack with all excitement and this was what I saw…

D5100 057

baked masala biscuits shaped in the form of cashews

I didn’t get angry at the fact that it was biscuits(I mean, it did taste nice), I was angry because it didn’t look anything like this….

D5100 061

When the anger subsided, it was then I decided to read the pack in which the cashews came in. First, I read this…

D5100 059

And then I went on to read this…

D5100 060

cheap cashew nuts are never a good bargain

Alas! It was the price that attracted my Nigerian friend. Usually, a 100grams of cashew nuts is like Rs120 or thereabout, I’m not sure right now, but this was Rs50 for 400grams, it was a price he could not believe or resist. Sorry for the picture quality.

I still didn’t find anything to say it wasn’t real nuts until I read this again…

D5100 059 - Copy

“Biscuits” is written in a very very tiny font, while cashew, for cheap people like me is written in the boldest font ever(hyperbole)

So, from now on, I’m not going to buy cheap cashew nuts in India, except I can see that its real or I’m told its cultivated in a farmland close by.





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