The kind Lady From Manipur

I met an old lady and her daughter recently, she couldn’t speak english so everything I had to say was interpreted by her daughter to her. She had wrinkles which I knew had more stories to them than whatever she would ever say with the words from her mouth.

Her daughter had saved up some money to bring this old lady all the way from Manipur in the North-East of India, down here to Jaipur. It was the first time for this lady to enter an aeroplane. The family she came to visit tried their best to make sure the trip was worthwhile and something the old lady would never forget.

When I talked with the family of the old lady, the words they spoke implied that this vacation which involved an aeroplane might be the first and the last of its kind in the life of this beautiful old lady.

She just seemed so happy to be with us. As usual, I felt sad because I started thinking of the “after” and not the “now”. I knew a set date was going to come and she would pack her bags and return to reality.

It made me think that I should work harder so that I can give my mum more vacations involving aeroplanes, not just my mum, so that I can have vacations involving planes too. Its not just about working hard, its also about making a decision to live my life to the fullest, seeing as not everybody has the opportunity to be where I am.

Its not just about vacations and hard work, there is also the feeling of fulfilment that comes with it. What could be more satisfying than the joy of doing something for a parent that puts a smile on their face? Whenever your parents are happy with you, definitely they will pray for you; when parents pray for you, your life is just better.


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