Racism In India?

I’ve had the draft for this post for quite sometime now, almost a year I think, and I never really got around to writing it until recently when a friend of mine(an Indian) said, and I quote “Indians are the most racist people in the world”.

Here’s my 2 cents on this topic, I’ve lived here for 3 years now and I’ve never had a fight with an Indian over racial issues. I’m not saying Indians aren’t racist, I’m just saying its not “more” here than it is in the United States or the UK.

First, I know Indians have this unseen glorification for white or fair skin, which causes them to even be racist among themselves. For example, I went into a jewelry shop with a white friend and all through our interactions they never spoke to me, not even once. Whenever I asked a question, they answered but directed the answer to her. That is Indian racism. I really don’t know what they think about coloured people, I’m not sure I want to know.

Another thing I think Indians should stop doing? Laughing Unnecessarily. I think this is also racism in their own way. They don’t walk up to you and tell you how much they hate you, they just laugh. I’ll give a simple example on how this laughter affects my life, you wake up in the morning, get dressed, before you leave your house, you look at yourself in the mirror and think- “Yeah, I look frigging okay”, you’ve got the whole confidence thing going, then as soon as you step out of the house, a group of boys, even girls, see you and they just laugh. As usual, they whisper something to themselves in Hindi and then giggle. Dear Indians, if you don’t know, that stupid laugh you do, is the most annoying thing ever in the history of mankind. IT IS ANNOYING! Sometimes, I feel like turning back, moving towards you and just squeeze your freaking lips. I would have done this already but God and the Law of the State has helped and cautioned me to hold my peace.

As normal human beings, you don’t laugh when you see someone walk by. As a lady, this is shattering to my heart, every single time it happens. I know I don’t smell bad because I use a deo and an Eau de toilette, I know I’m not ugly because I’ve been made in God’s image but I’m human and I feel stuff. If the laugh happens every once in a while, I would over look it, but this is a constant and you would think that after sometime I should get used to it, it just doesn’t happen. There’s just no way to get used to the idea of being laughed at, or to even consider it a normalcy no matter how long I’ve lived here.

One more area where racism comes in, when there is an administrative office involved. There is always the preferential treatment, okay, I get it, no problem, they are your people you can attend to them first BUT if you’re done with them don’t pretend to be busy and ask me to come back after an hour. I just stood under this scorching sun trying to get your ugly signature, don’t tell me to come back after tea time! Indians do this a lot! I had to cry once before I got a signature, I mean cry with tears rolling down my cheeks, just so you know, I NEVER CRY! EVER! Except when it involves my mum.

India is filled with really nice people and I don’t want anyone to think otherwise. When they care about you, they put religion aside. Right here, right now, I have Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and Jains who care about me the same way my friends do. Due to the culture of “closely knit families”, they seem to take you as family and never hold back on the care, affection and love they feel towards foreigners. I’m serious!


They have a belief that, guests are gods, so they welcome you with open arms, well, at least most of them do.

Through out my time here I can say its been lovely, I’ve grown as a individual and all those crappy psychological things that happen to people, has happened to me, I mean the good ones.



2 thoughts on “Racism In India?

  1. Hi! I do agree that we fawn over people with fair skin and I apologize on behalf of my fellow Indians for making you feel uncomfortable. As you rightly said, we giggle a lot and it could be nasty – if that is the case, we are sorry.

    However, I am quite surprised that you should have trouble in government offices. From what I have experienced, quite often the officials don’t understand English. So, if you haven’t done that already, you could try taking the help of some kind Indian soul to explain what you want to these people? Whatever the case might be, you definitely shouldn’t have to cry. Reading this post just saddened my heart.

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