Let me just start by asking what the hype is all about? I mean there was an 11-11-11 and nobody said much.

There were posts on my Facebook Timeline and other social networking sites about doing something that would last forever, doing something remarkable and some other nonsense.

This is how special my day was, I spent 3 hours of it, in an exam hall, after pulling an all nighter. I forgot my sweet potatoes, grapes and guava in a bus and I got catarrh. So in all honesty it wasn’t a special day. Its a day I want to forget.

But, I am going to share a very special, top secret part of life with you today, at least to make 12-12-12 special. This secret, well it no longer is, has been with me for a very long time.

We met on my first day in Jaipur. I was in a mall trying to buy confectioneries and there he was, it felt like there was light all around him, Navratna. Navratna looked so special and big, I just couldn’t resist having him to myself. He reminds me of Shah Rukh Khan. We were and we still are a pair made in heaven.

You see, Navratna has never left  me, I have used him and dumped him(forgot him somewhere and when I came back, he was just as I left him), he never goes away, he has never given up on me. He has been with me every day of every year for 3 years now, through cold, warm and hot seasons. He has always been around. We have traveled through India, from the himalayas of the north to the beaches of puducherry, he has seen it all, with me. At night he is always with me, especially when I take baths. I tried to finish him off on several occasions, all to no avail. He just won’t get finished. My friends love him for the same reason- he just won’t finish.

He has seen me cry when I use him, he has seen me laugh when I use him to slide on tiled floor, but he has never gotten angry enough to leave or finish. I know we have history and he’s a true friend.

One day, I even tried to flush him down the toilet. yet he just won’t finish.

For those interested, this is a picture of my little secret…


and one more because I love him that much…



2 thoughts on “12-12-12

  1. Can I give u replacement,
    if really ure ready to let go of ‘NAVRANTA’
    Because u’re NAVRANTA shall never get tired of you either.
    Nice moments of ureself and NAVRANTA.

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