Future Frustrations

I’ve been inspired by my neighbour’s wailing babe, to write this post.
I remember the time when I used to spank, scream and yell at my siblings to get them to do something the right way.
I was in high school and in my early teenage years, so, taking care of children instead of having a good time with my friends wasn’t something I found funny.

From the screams I heard, I think she was trying to get the boy to keep quiet. Any time she yelled at him, the decibels in his cries accentuated (when I heard her scream, I knew somehow, that he was going to cry louder. Psychic? Who knows? Instincts? Maybe). Let’s analyze the scenario, she has been the mama to this lad for 2 years or so and she knew quite well that he would scream louder if she asked he to keep quiet in a loud emphatic way. I’m not a parent yet but from earlier experiences with toddlers, I know they never shut the hell up when asked to. Especially when the “cry like there’s no tomorrow mode” is activated. Then why would she scream still?

I think screaming at these little blessings, is a way of venting out frustrations over the fact that they make our lives frustrating. Everybody knows this for a fact, but I don’t mean the frustration you get from – not being able to make any accomplishments after childbirth, or the fact that the entirety of your being is devoted to their happiness and security and sundry.

I mean the simple frustration that you cannot get PEACE and QUIET when you so desire it. I wonder how introversial mums handle motherhood. Does it change them to extroverts? Let’s save that for another day.


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