Holi Moly! It’s Raining Colours!

I know what you might be thinking, oh! she’s gonna do a post with pictures everywhere, sorry to dampen to mood, I’ve  got only very few pictures, like really little.

Just recently,well not too recent, the holi festival was celebrated. For people like you and me who don’t know what holi is, it is a festival where people throw coloured powder on you. There may be more to this festival, but all I know is coloured powder is thrown on you and you have the liberty to throw coloured powder back at the people who throw it on or at you, that is, if you’re not too lazy to even pick yourself up and celebrate the festival.

It’s actually a two day thing, I only managed to celebrate it on the last day because I was lazy. Also I’ve been in India for quite a while and never really felt like I wanted to become part of the culture, but this year its all changing. I’m trying expand my horizons and change the way I see “THE WORLD”.

So here are some pictures I “clicked” at the holi celebration(its not much though).

So this was how I spent my day, and I’m happy that I pushed myself to try something different.

Moral of this post: Try something different once in a while, it truly makes life spicy(different).


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