For the Moment.

I love planning for the future. I love it when everything I plan go as planned. I love knowing that this is gonna happen at this time and at that place. It makes me happy to know the future. So when life makes the future NOT what I imagine or want it to be, I get really frustrated.

Another thing I hate not knowing is the TIME OF DEATH of the people I love. This “TIME OF DEATH” stuff might sound psycho but the truth is, I really want the people I love to be there when I win an award, I want my parents to be alive and eat the fruits of their labour. Whenever I’m alone and in the “THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE MOOD”, I can’t help but think about losing my loved ones. I know its inevitable, I would really wish death did not exist.

So, this is for those who grew up in the 2000s and not the 90s. We have always had dreams in colour, lately mine has been in HD.

Do you ever wonder what the future holds? If this, is the future of those born in the 70s, what do you think your future would look like when you turn 70?

Do you ever wonder if your mum or dad would be there when you buy your first house?

Do you ever think there will be flying cars like in the Jetsons, in your future?

Do you ever wonder if you’ll have your little sister by your side when you get married?

Do you wonder if every BEST and CLOSE friend now, will be there to have Christmas with you in the year 2070?

Do you wonder if the world must have ended by then?

Do you think that if you have children, you’ll live to witness their own wedding?

Do you wonder if that person you hate so much, will one day be the only one who can give you your dream job?

The truth is YES I wonder about it, I think about it, I even write about it, but I’m not sure if they’ll be there, and it kills me to NOT know.

At the same time, the “NOT KNOWING” is what keeps me going.

The “WHAT IF” keeps me going, in the sense that I can say,

What if there are no trees in the future? Who cares? People have been living here for centuries and survived.

What if mum and dad are no longer with me? I’ll have my beloved and that would be enough.

What if ?

Lets Live and Let Live!( I have no Idea why I just wrote this down, it sounds good, though).

So I’ll try to drink wine and not get drunk. I’ll try to live in the moment just for once. I’ll try to forget that evil things exist. I’ll try to forget everything I’ve ever wondered or thought.

Just for this moment. Cheers!


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