Hi there,

So I just visited Pune, Maharashtra. Its a city in southern India. Pune in my own perspective is a city where expatriates mostly come to work. You don’t find much tourists in Pune and there isn’t much tourist attractions also. but I had the chance to visit two museums. It was so much fun!

First, I’ll start with booking a ticket to Pune: I booked my ticket a month early, you should also if you want to be sure of a berth on the train. Due to the fact that Jaipur is not much of a metropolitan city, there wasn’t a train going to Pune from Jaipur on the day I decided to leave this meant that I had to travel to Delhi, before catching the train to Pune. So I called the radio cab to pick me up from my house by 12:00am, since the train was leaving by 11:00am the following day (Monday). So I left the house by 12am sharp – thank you radio cab.Got to the bus station by 12:15am. Talked with the nice Indian at the counter about how I wished to meet up the train the following without renting a hotel or waiting for too long at the train station. he suggested that I should leave by 1:30am, since the trip to Delhi is 5 hour drive, I thought the same and waited for an hour. It was late October and winter is on its way so I got a little bit cold although I was wearing my sweater and socks. Now, cold doesn’t go very well with my bladder, so within half an hour I started feeling the need to urinate. So, to reduce this feeling I tried to think about others, you know, to forget about it. It worked until I got into the bus and the driver turned on the AC to highest (or lowest depends on how you look at it, all I know is that it was cold) possible temperature. And I was reminded again that I had to use the toilet. Remembering that there will be a stop of 10-15mins after 2 and the half hours, I just prayed to God and forced myself to sleep, covering myself with my shawl. I don’t know if you guys have seen some Indian shawls but some can get really big like a blanket and this was exactly how mine was.

Got to Delhi, and this dude who has being moping at me hasn’t stopped yet. Sometimes I wonder why they look. It’s a mystery to me. I wonder if it is because I wear dreadlocks which aren’t black or it is because of my skin colour or maybe its just maybe because I look “beautiful” just kidding. I got down from the bus at Bikaner House, took an auto rickshaw for Rs150 to H.Nizamuddin train station. Got inside tried to find the platform for my train from a security guard/policeman(not sure) but he couldn’t speak/understand English. Tried to do same from another uniformed dresses guy but he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about even though he worked there. Lucky for me, I read online that to find a platform its best to ask those guys in red(forgotten their name at the time of writing this post), they carry bags for you. So I asked two different men in red and they told platform 5 but because I also read online that Indians try to help you out even if they don’t know the answer I decided to stand outside in front of the screen that shows train schedules and their platforms. I was just standing in front of this thing for two 2 hours or there about until it appeared(my train) and the platform was 5. Well so much for trying to be accurate. All this while a mentally challenged man went around the train station thrice, a girl and her sister whose ankle was broken passed me by 3 to 4 times and every time they try to sneak a peak at my hair.

So I went through the check points, my bag went through the bag scanner,I read the signs which lead to platform 5. Got to platform 5 saw the train quickly took my seat while I waited for my breakfast of chai and a sandwich which had cheese, I would have preferred butter. I sat down close to a Kashmiri couple and an old lady whose son is obese. I noticed this when he came to drop her off in the train. I know Indian has a lot of languages but hearing Kashmiri language was enticing to my ears, I didn’t want them to stop talking it was all shhhhhhhhh just like you hear rrrrrrrrrrrrrrii when an American speaks. I ate chappatti/roti and chicken curry for lunch and dinner. And intermittently they give you these delicious bread sticks and butter.

So, as usual I had to use the toilet on the train and would have shown you what it looked like but I’m having problems with the flash uploader/ browser uploader.

So I got to Pune at exactly 7:00am on tuesday morning just as planned, got into an auto and headed straight for where I resided through out my stay there. I just want thank you Siera.Again. It was fun.

I visited the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum and also the Dr. Ambedkar Museum and Memorial. Dr. Ambedkar museum had everything about his life history in photos and they also had garments he worn during his lifetime. I also learnt that he was the one in charge of penning the constitution of India. I saw the kind of books he read as a lawyer – mostly encyclopedias about human psychology and the state of England.




Went on tour of the market and malls and also shops where antiques are sold. Also, saw shops which had these tags of “WE HAVE NO MORE BRANCHES” written boldly close to the name of the shops. I bought an anklet, we got home by 4:00pm, wore the anklet by 4:15pm anklet got broken by 6:00pm. Brand new anklet in the waste bin by 6:01pm. Incredible India!!!

p.s: really angry that I’m not able to upload photos, maybe due to bandwidth, don’t really know.


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