Jaipur – Pink City.

Jaipur is a really beautiful city, especially when you see the forts and palaces.

I’ve not really had the chance to visit any place due to my studies but I’ll try to do something about this.

It’s known as the ‘Pink City’ . It’s kind of a semi desert. It can get really hot sometimes and you’ll wish you never left your birth place. Sometimes(as young as I am) I get scared of coming out for the fear of skin cancer. The weather is a demerit but during the monsoon it might feel better to some people but to me its too cold. I guess its because I’m from a tropical region(Port-Harcourt, Nigeria).

Jaipur crafts are really wonderful, they are beautiful and there’s enough room for window shopping.There are mountains everywhere, if I were a photographer, I would go crazy because there is just so much to capture.

There are malls like Gaurav Tower(popularly  known as G.T.), there’s M.G.F(the metropolitan mall), City Palace, City Pulse, Triton Mall, etc.

Then there markets where you can find open stalls like the Johari bazaar, City Palace, etc.

Warning! People stare at you(Mr. foreigner), like you are an Alien so if you’ve got the guts to go out without bothering if a person, somebody, someone, everyone, every single body staring at you then feel free to have fun.

For more info:

goto http://www.google.com

type in the search box ‘Jaipur India’

click on the first search result i.e. the wikipedia link


simply click here.

Please do leave your comments and I’ll add pictures as soon as I am able to.


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